Travis speaks 60 languages, so…

Go Global and Speak Local

Travis offers you the best translation on the spot. Connect with other cultures, become a global communicator now!

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Travis Knows

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Language Learning

We’re excited to be exploring new ways to learn and practice languages. We want to create the opportunity to practice anywhere, anytime. Find out more.

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Business solutions

We create different solutions for specific industries including the medical, transport and tourism sector. Find out more

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Proud to Present

The Travis Blue is a translating speaker that brings something special to every connection. Speak your native language and express yourself in a way that wasn’t possible before. Pre-order my Travis Blue.

Why Travis Blue?

  • Speaks 60 languages
  • Facilitates bilingual communication
  • Connects to the app by bluetooth
  • Makes experiences local

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Our Social Impact

Collaborating with impact driven organisations, we’re proud to be bridging language barriers where it’s needed most. Find out more.

Our Story

Connect with other cultures. We wanted to, and our jobs required us to, but satisfying our needs wasn’t easy. So we founded Travis.