Easy to Operate
Choose the languages you want
Use the touch screen or voice commands for easy navigation.
Press the button and start to speak
1 second translations to and from over 100 languages when online.
Hear what everyone has to say
Translate what you say and the replies of your conversation partner instantly.
Get the Best Out of Your Travels
Experiencing Local Life
Ever wish you could chat with the local shopkeeper about which fruit is in season, or strike up a conversation with someone at a café?
Asking for Directions
Ask someone on the street for directions without putting your belongings at risk by handing them your phone.
Preparing for Any Hiccups
Going to the doctor can be stressful at times, but doing so in another culture is downright panic-inducing and can lead to complications.
International Business Made Easier
Closing Business Deals
Forging a strong business connection requires a personal touch, and can be hard when you’re not speaking the same language.
Checking In at Your Hotel
Hiccups at hotels can cause major headaches, especially after a long flight. Take the stress out of every front desk experience.
Instructing Taxi Drivers
Communicate safely with taxi drivers as they navigate the roads. Never be nervous that your driver is taking the wrong route again.
Our Story: How We Founded Travis
Travis is a three continent team and growing, with head office in Rotterdam.
Our Social Impact: Travis Foundation
We donate $2.50 from every Travis device to Travis Foundation to help with digitising lesser resourced languages.