Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a brand-new pocket translator, maybe thanks to our guide on things to look for when buying a smart translator. Get ready to break language barriers and discover new perspectives. You probably had a specific usage scenario in mind for your device. Great! But did you know a pocket translator can be used in multiple settings? Some you might not even have thought about. Here is a list of great use cases for it.

1. Using a Pocket Translator When Traveling

While using a pocket translator when traveling is probably the number 1 use case, there is a wide variety of settings you can use your pocket translator in. Think about ordering dinner at a nice local restaurant. With your smart translator at hand you can easily inform the waiter about any allergies you night have or ask about their specialties.

Feeling brave? Head to a busy part of town and start a conversation with a local. Who knows where it will lead?

Negotiating in a shop just became a whole lot easier as well. Use your real time translator to create a bond with the seller and knock the price down just that little bit more.

Traveling with a pocket translator also brings you peace of mind. You know that no matter what situation you will encounter, you will be able to understand what is being said and make yourself understood.

Traveling is about discovering new cultures, new flavors, new people and with a translator in your pocket, you can dive even deeper in all of those.

2. Using a Pocket Translator For Business

Clear communication is an enormously important aspect of business. Without it, no deal would ever take place. When communicating over email with business partners or colleagues, you can use translation tools to translate the email. But what happens when you’re meeting face to face? You can easily avoid those awkward smiles and hand signals with a pocket translator.

Imagine a colleague from the German branch coming over for a meeting. Having an electronic translator by your side will not only make him feel much more welcome, you’ll also be able to create a better connection, strengthening your further relationship.

Or what about when going on a factory visit in Asia? While you’ve taken the effort to fly out and visit the manufacturing plant, might as well actually understand how things go in this foreign country.

A pocket translator is an indispensable tool when conducting international business.

3. Using a Pocket Translator With Family

You’ve found the love of your life while traveling in a country far away. You both speak English so that’s no problem. But it’s time to meet the parents. Score some extra points by bringing your instant translation device along and transform what would have been an extremely awkward introduction into a conversation where you really get to know your family in law.

4. Using a Pocket Translator as an Expat

You’ve been relocated halfway across the globe. Such an exciting period. New friends, new environment, new food. But also, a new language. Suddenly, basic things like going to the supermarket or the doctor become a lot more complicated when you don’t speak the local language. Luckily, with a smart language translator, you can quickly translate your needs to the local language and vice versa. This will make feeling at home in your new country a whole lot easier.

5. Using a Pocket Translator For Humanitarian Purposes

Why not use your voice translation device to do some good in this world? Have you considered volunteering at a shelter or refugee camp? A pocket translator is an indispensable tool when volunteering at places where cultures meet. Speaking the language of the people you are helping creates a bond rival to none.

6. Using a Pocket Translator to Learn a New Language

Practicing a new language? Use a pocket translator to nail the pronunciation and to test your knowledge of a language. Some handheld translators even come with a language learning function, like Travis Touch Go.

As you can see, a smart language translator is an extremely versatile tool. Now go out there and break those language barriers!