About Travis

Imagine arriving at an airport and trying to explain to a taxi driver where to go to in a language you don’t speak, or even trying to communicate to a doctor after an accident in a language you don’t even know. Imagine a refugee arriving in a foreign country and wanting to start their life again without speaking the language at all. We want to give everyone the right to be understood!

Travis believes no person should be misunderstood and that every opportunity to communicate should be seized. In a globalizing world, the Travis movement strives to bridge barriers of language, spark connections and create understanding. We contribute to positive social change through innovative technology, using social partnerships and meaningful collaborations. This new wave of translation intelligently combines software and purpose-designed hardware to make sure we can all have a chat.

Team Travis

In 2016, Nick, Lennart and Brend decided to work together to create something meaningful. With over 20 nationalities in their direct environment, the Rotterdam innovation ecosystem, they experienced many language barriers in their efforts to make serious impact with innovations. This was the starting point of their new adventure. Bridging Language Barriers!

Nowadays, Travis is a three continent team and growing with head office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and production facilities in Shenzen, China. The team also represents a large majority of the world with team members from nearly every continent.

Brend Kouwenhoven

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Combining innovation, entrepreneurship and finance to improve the world, Brend has over 20 years experience with corporates, ventures and governments. He most enjoys building up teams and organisations from scratch and combining strategic visions with impactful results.

Lennart van der Ziel

Founder & CEO

From Law school to the startup scene, Lennart has led multiple international teams and created communities of entrepreneurs, innovators and investors. He has a passion for realising breakthroughs in organisations and loves taking road trips.

Nick N.M. Yap

Founder & VP Innovation

Nick is a self confessed product geek with over 20 years experience with product development in many countries. He’s serious about startups and believes travel is all about human connection.

In 2017, we set a goal for 50,000 users… and we reached it! We’ve also accomplished…

$1.7M Indiegogo pre-order Campaign
Shipped to over 100 countries
4 Software Updates

Developed with valuable feedback from our first users

300 devices donated

by our community for aid organisations OLE and MotG

Travis Foundation

launched to digitise lesser resourced languages

$300K donated to Travis Foundation

Travis Foundation


We believe in bridging language barriers and making communication a possibility for everyone. Travis donates $2.50 from every device to Travis Foundation to digitise minority and lesser privileged languages for translation, education and preservation.