Adding better usability and sturdier hardware to further grow customer base

Rotterdam, The Netherlands (24 July, 2018) – Travis, a Dutch pocket translator manufacturer, announced today the launch of its third crowdfunding project – Travis Touch. Travis Touch is the successor of Travis One, a handheld pocket translator of which Travis sold over 110,000 pieces worldwide. Travis Touch’ main improvements are in hardware and usability. As an integrator of several translation engines, Travis products also benefit from the developments tech giants make in machine translation.

Elevate understanding
Brend Kouwenhoven, co-founder and CEO of Travis states: “Our first product gave us the opportunity to get a lot of valuable feedback. We want to elevate understanding around the world and believe our new product will substantially contribute to this, by opening up more conversations and overcoming language barriers.”

Since its launch in 2017, Travis products have been tested with consumers, national defence forces, airlines and hospitals. User feedback led Travis to reduce the number of physical buttons and to introduce a large touch screen for Travis Touch. Wireless charging was also added. At this point, Travis offers translation in 110 languages, of which the majority is speech-to-speech translation. A fast internet connection ensures the best translation. Travis continuously searches and integrates translation engines; it currently uses sixteen engines including Google, IBM and Microsoft.

A soft landing
Although a hardware manufacturer, Travis primarily sees itself fixing a human problem. “We provide people with a soft landing in unfamiliar circumstances, regardless the situation.” says Gregor Noltes, Chief Marketing Officer. “Using a Travis gives you a sense of comfort, ready to turn an insecure moment into a positive experience.” Noltes adds.

Available on Indiegogo
Travis Touch will be available on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo as of July 31st for $149 for early backers which is a $100 discount on the future retail price, You can already reserve your Travis Touch here. Shipping will start beginning of September 2018.

Travis Foundation
Travis Touch backers also have the option to donate to Travis Foundation. Travis Foundation was founded with the aim of digitising languages to reduce inequality. In a world where the answer to almost any question is available online, only about 120 languages are digitized. Their first project is creating digital translation for Tigrinya, the language of Eritrea and northern Ethiopia. Despite that Tigrinya has over 10 million speakers, it hasn’t been digitised as it isn’t considered “commercially interesting’’ by larger corporates.

“Language digitization provides great opportunities in aid work and refugee communication, as well as for language learning and education. We are excited to see Tigrinya on Travis devices in the future.” – Elissa Glorie – Director, Travis Foundation

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