The company intends to use the funds to improve the software even further and to establish the Travis Foundation to address miscommunication in situations where it’s most needed.

Founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Nick N.M. Yap, Lennart van der Ziel and Brend Kouwenhoven, Travis operates from three continents. The head office is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, production facilities in Shenzen, China, and a team from all around the globe.

Travis the Translator, developed and manufactured this summer, is a portable device with the potential to encourage travel, spark connections and create positive social change. This new wave of translation intelligently combines software and purpose-designed hardware, giving people from all walks of life the power to communicate.

The Travis team believes no person should be misunderstood and that every opportunity to communicate should be seized.

Today, Travis has already over 7.000 backers worldwide with many people already using the device and helping it’s AI capabilities. “It’s exciting to see the community continue to grow” – Lennart, CEO Travis

Travis will continue to ship and the founders anticipate a new software release shortly.