This wonderful voice translator device translates 80 languages when online and 20 languages offline with the help of Artificial Intelligence, breaking down language barriers worldwide.


After its successful international debut with unprecedented attention from international media, Travis the Translator was launched on Wednesday March 22nd, 2017 on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. So far it has surpassed all expectations and raised almost 500K US$ (3.5M CN¥) with the support of nearly 3000 backers from 76 countries. Travis will be showcasing at the Shanghai CSITF in the Holland Pavilion, with Holland being the guest country of honor this year.

Travis the Translator is the first pocket-size instant voice translator. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with effortless voice recognition technology, it breaks the barriers between languages and allows international travelers and professionals to communicate effortlessly with anyone, anywhere.

The Travis device is superior compared with any other translation method available. It instantly translates spoken conversations with significant accuracy , without fumbling with apps that zap phone batteries or thumbing through the limited options in phrasebooks. It integrates speech recognition and translation engines from different sources, which gives our users the very best overall experience.
“We designed Travis in a way that you can use it without looking at it. This way, as Travis translates your voice, you can be engaged in the conversation, maintain eye contact and use body language,” says Lennart van der Ziel, CEO at Travis.

Travis, far from replacing humans like a fabled universal translator would, is instead a solution that can help keep up with surging demand for high quality translation coming from ever rising number of tourists coming to China or Chinese traveling abroad, greatly facilitating the communication for personal and professional purposes.

Based on international travel surveys, it is expected that the number of Chinese outbound travellers for pleasure and business will see a substantial increase over the next 10 years, reaching up to 220 mn people (Goldman Sachs, 2015), thus leaving its mark on a wider range of destinations, and making Chinese a language in high demand.

With its cutting edge technology, the universal portable translator Travis enables a seamless cross-language flow of information, not only making travels a hassle-free experience but also facilitating current professional communication or revealing new and exciting business opportunities.

Travis has set the beginning of global language movement to transform the way we communicate around the world and invites you to get on board!
Limited units are now available for pre-order or donation at a discounted price on Indiegogo until 22 April: . These units will be shipped in July 2017. Travis will be available worldwide this fall, at a suggested retail price of 199 USD.

About Travis

Travis was founded in 2016 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The team consisting of 12 nationalities is led by entrepreneurs from Rotterdam (Netherlands), Boston / New York (USA), and Shenzhen (China). This international collaboration has had previous experience in shipping more than 10 million consumer devices. With the best integrated technology, easy user experience, and 80 in-built languages online and 20 offline, Travis is a unique product that makes a world without languages barriers possible.
Travis Team believes that a world without languages barriers is possible. But we can’t do it alone. We invite everyone to Join the Global Language Movement!

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