Hello, I'm Travis Touch.

Thank you for supporting our campaign! We are so excited to continue working to bridge language barriers and give everyone the right to be understood. As you use Travis, it will continue to learn with Artificial Intelligence and we will continue to provide over-the-air updates that also help Travis improve.

Travis Touch Set Up

Now you have your Travis, it's time to set it up and start enjoying the simple conversations it translates. When you first receive your Travis, please turn it on and connect it to Wifi. From here, you may be directed to a software update which is an over-the-air update of our latest software. This ensures you have the most up to date version of Travis and that all of our languages are available. From here, restart your Travis and you're ready to commence setting up. The above Travis Touch Set Up video will help you with the wifi set up, SIM card and updating

Travis Touch How To

The next step is making translations! This How To video will help you with selecting languages, seeing history and of course, translating.

Travis Touch

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