We believe in bridging language barriers and making communication a possibility for everyone. We use our translation technology to address miscommunication in situations where it’s most needed in two significant ways.
Travis Foundation

From the success of Travis the Translator, we discovered significant inequality in digital resources across languages. This led us to start Travis Foundation, a global community on a mission to preserve culture and empower people in the modern world.

Meaningful Collaborations

Travis also collaborates with organisations that do great work towards creating positive social change. Our partnership with OLE and MotG are examples of how translation technology has potential to help all kinds of people, specifically those struggling with connections as a result of language barriers. We are always on the lookout for new partnerships, if you’d like to collaborate, please get in touch.


In our first impact based partnership, we used our successful Indiegogo campaign to raise both awareness and funding for devices for Open Learning Exchange, OLE. Education should be meaningful and fun and OLE believe in giving everyone access to basic learning opportunities, operating in 100 grassroot organisations. The campaign giving the option to purchase a device for OLE, resulting in over 250 devices to empower people in 5 of their grassroots locations and be used as a tool to connect people to education.


Imagine arriving in a new country and not being able to communicate a problem. Movement on the Ground, an organisation working on the frontline of the biggest refugee crisis in history, has been a meaningful partnership in helping bridge language barriers in environments where it’s most needed. Travis devices donated will support communication between volunteers and refugees on Lesbos, Greece, who face miscommunication daily due to languages. Travis and MotG are working together to ensure that misunderstanding and exclusion are eliminated. Through our Dutch campaign on Tailwind,  as well as an option to purchase a translator for a refugee resulted in 20 devices to the cause. We’ve continued this partnership into our Indiegogo campaign to have an even bigger impact in bridging language barriers.

Travis Foundation

Our foundation exists to fight language inequality. We want 20 new languages digitized by 2020, in order to help preserve culture and empower people in the modern world. Everyone has the right to be understood!

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Our Translators

Our Translation devices are a useful tools in education and language learning. Travis will also be used to provide the languages digitized by Travis Foundation, because languages should be available to everyone!

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