“In our tests, the translations were impressive” – TechRadar

It’s a helluva lot better than any other real-time language translator. – USA TODAY / NY Times

One of the 10 most exciting gadgets to come out of CES 2018 – Telegraph

Your new international traveling companion, Travis. – Nibletz

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Noteworthy Press Mentions
Travis is the Startup of the Year 2018
As a translation device, Travis is a standout
This device is using A.I. to improve its translations
If only the USS Enterprise had Travis onboard!
Travis translator aims to make people understood
Travis the Translator is the closest thing to a real-time language translator that I’ve ever seen. Best of CES.
Our 2022 Goal
5 million people are bridging language barriers with Travis.
Our philosophy
Travis believes no person should be misunderstood and that every opportunity to communicate should be seized. In a globalizing world, the Travis movement strives to bridge barriers of language, spark connections and create understanding. We contribute to positive social change through innovative technology, using social partnerships and meaningful collaborations.
Contact us
If you’d like to contact Travis, please send an email to [email protected].
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