We at Travis are genuine lovers of authentic places, spontaneous dances, never-heard languages, and the best coffees in town. So we travel like the locals!

To help you escape the mass-attractions and dive into the gems unfamiliar to the eye of a visitor, we have collected 5 simple tips that will help you explore a town, city or a country through the lens of a local.

1. Spend Some Time to Learn More About the Country You’re About to Visit

Do your homework! Check what information the libraries nearby you have to offer about your destination country, buy a map, learn some facts, read about the history. It will help to understand the culture better and make sense of some things that may appear strange for you during the visit.

2. Book Accommodation Close to the Locals

Staying in the hotel might be a bit too isolating to feel the true way of life where you are. Instead, look for something more homely. If you’re fine with surfing on somebody’s couch, check www.couchsurfing.com where you can find a local host for your stay. It’s free of charge and is an amazing opportunity to get a close-up view of how locals live. Be aware of scammers and always think about your safety! For less intimate stay, check Airbnb. It provides accommodation with quite a good glimpse of the culture too!

3. Book a City Tour With a Local

Regular city tours usually follow the same scenario: being guided through the city’s must-sees with short stops at relevant objects, having several picture-breaks, maybe grabbing a drink at the cafe on your way. Everything gets quite tight in time and often quite boring… With Showaround you can book the city tour guided by the local! How cool! On the website, you can select the liked profile, see the reviews people have left, compare the hourly prices. It allows you to tailor the tour according to your preferences, all can be decided in a conversation with the guides themselves.

4. Attend at Least One Local Event

If you get the chance and there is something happening around you, this is a great way to meet locals and interact with the community. Whether it is a spoken-word night in the language you don’t speak, political debates or an opening of the supermarket – give it a go and be open. Good things happen when you least expect! Each city usually has a website with an events calendar, try googling something like ‘what’s on in Barcelona’ or ‘events in Berlin’. Facebook has a great tool called Local where you can find and filter the events nearby.

5. Communicate!

Talk to everyone for a reason or without. Set yourself a goal to make one conversation a day with a stranger. We all have so much to share and we all miss the chance to explore other people’s treasures simply by never making a convo. Are you worried about language barriers? We’re here to help! Travel with your pocket translator Travis Touch Plus and talk to whoever you like.



Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay