Travis Business

For Travis Touch


Travis® Business is an additional feature that syncs all of your conversations to the cloud so that they can be reviewed in their original language and their translated language.

COMING SOON: ‘Read-in-mode’ powered by Zoi. Live subtitles in 12 languages for global meetings.

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The perfect add-on for Business Travellers
With Travis Business add-on you can upload all your history of translations together with the original languages to be reviewed after that business meeting. Understand, be understood and don't miss a thing!
COMING SOON - 'Read-in-Mode'

Imagine understanding everything that is being said during a business meeting where you don’t speak the language. Travis listens to your global meetups, translates in real-time what’s being said, shows live subtitles in your preferred languages, and automatically records searchable audio & transcriptions – all editable online.

Travis Business powered by Zoi in Action
Travis Business powered by Zoi will change the way you understand business! Launching in April 2019, Travis Business will support 12 languages with more to follow: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Indonesian.
Travis Business powered by Zoi in Action
Subscription Details

Travis Business is a one year subscription and needs to be renewed manually every year if you want to continue to use its services.

You can order this add-on together with a new Travis Touch or purchase it separately if you already have a device.

The ‘Read-in-mode’ will be a free upgrade for those users that have an active subscription.

Travis Business Add-On
  • Valid for 1 Year since the moment of activation
Coming Soon
  • 'Read-in-mode' live subtitles for global meetings