Travis Travel Edition

The ultimate pack for savvy travelers

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Travis® Travel Edition is a special pack that includes Travis Touch Plus, Travis Teacher, a Travis Global Data SIM Card and a protective case.


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Your personal travel assistant
The Travis Travel package includes all a traveler will need when visiting a new country: translation to more than 100 languages, a learning mode to practice the pronunciation of the native language of your destination and a brand new Voice Assistant (Coming Soon) to get all the information of your destination in advance!
Travis Touch Plus, more than a pocket translator
Travis Touch Plus doesn't only translate to more than 100 languages, it's easier to use than any other pocket translator and has a Hotspot mode that allows you to connect up to 11 devices to the internet simultaneously.
Travis Touch Plus, more than a pocket translator
Coming Soon - Travis Assistant

Ask about the weather forecast and convert the currency and time from your destination before you get there with Travis Assistant. Just press the Magic Button and ask Travis with simple voice commands.

Coming Soon - Conversation Mode

The new Conversation Mode will allow you to interact with your conversation partner naturally. Select two languages and use the voice command ‘Start Conversation’. Travis will identify the spoken language and translate to the other you have chosen. Easier than ever!

Travis Teacher - Practice a new language!
Want to practice the basic greetings before you land? Here is your chance with Travis Teacher. Ask Travis to translate the sentence you want to learn, repeat and get instant feedback! You will truly speak like a local!
Travis Teacher  - Practice a new language!
Global Data SIM Card - Stay connected!

With the Travis Global Data SIM Card you can connect your Travis Touch Plus to the Internet in more than 80 countries! And once you activate your Hotspot mode you will be able to connect up to 11 devices to internet simultaneously. Stay connected to your family, friends and travelling services wherever you go!

Travis Touch Plus
1GB 4G Global Data SIM Card
  • 1GB = 83 hours (5000 min) of translations aprox.
  • Mobile data-only service
  • 4G LTE for 80+ countries
  • Top Up online at
Travis Teacher
  • Software add-on (1 Year Subscription)
Protective Case
Coming Soon Features (delivered by software update tbd)
  • Voice Assistant - Coming Soon
  • Conversation Mode - Coming Soon