When announcing the arrival of their first beta earlier this year, Travis also informed their community that beta users feedback would be used to further improve the device. The Dutch start up has now been shipping their portable translation devices for over a month and culminating feedback through emails and a user survey.

The first software update is now here. There are many significant improvements but the primary features are to the Travis interface and the online translations. The software update will include:

– Improved Travis Interface to make setup even simpler.
– The system software is now available in either English, Spanish or Chinese.
– A faster one button solution to repeat the last translation.
– Travis informs the users if there is no voice recognition or no voice output for a particular language available.
– Incorrect offline translations such as Chinese have been removed until a better solution is available.
– Better online translations for a few languages including Chinese.
– Instantly recognisable speech enabling Travis to display the words as they’re spoken.
– Voice recognition support has been added for the following languages:

Amharic (Ethiopia)
Armenian (Armenia)
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)
Bengali (Bangladesh, India)
English (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania)
Georgian (Georgia)
Gujarati (India)
Javanese (Indonesia)
Kannada (India)
Khmer (Cambodia)
Lao (Laos)
Latvian (Latvia)
Malayalam (India)
Marathi (India)
Nepali (Nepal)
Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
Sundanese (Indonesia)
Swahili (Tanzania, Kenya)
Tamil (India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia)
Telugu (India)
Urdu (Pakistan, India)

The update is now available for Travis One users through an over the air update, received by ensuring battery is above 50% and connecting to either wifi or using a SIM card with adequate data (~29MB).